What is Virtual Reality ( VR ) ?

15 March 2023by dijitalgen0

What is Virtual Reality ( VR ) ?

VR, meaning virtual reality, is the most current term in the world of technology. VR is actually a way of experiencing the non-existent world. It creates the impression that it takes people from where they are mentally and physically and carries them to another place, whereas everything consists of artificial intelligence, fiction and illusion. It is digital content that you can enjoy in 3D space.

The movies we watch, the games we download and play on the computer or phone, the books, the magazines give us the effect of imagination, but while doing these, we cannot go to the world we dream of, but VR deals with this issue exactly. In the virtual illusion numbered world created by VR 3D computers, it reflects actions such as walking in space, stepping on the moon, flying an airplane, fighting in 3D. Virtual reality glasses were invented by Ivan Sutherland in 1965.


There are 3 Types of Virtual Reality Glasses

Connected Virtual Reality Glasses mean that it connects to a computer with cables such as HDMI and/or USB.

Standalone Virtual Reality Glasses (ALL-IN-ONE-HMDS) are of lower quality than connected virtual reality glasses.

Virtual Reality Glasses Used with Smart Devices, as the name suggests, these glasses can create a virtual reality experience over the phone.


Near Future with Virtual Reality Glasses
As technology progresses, many new developments that come with it are now becoming more popular. Now we can do everything we want to do with a single button without going anywhere.

In the coming years, while watching a video on the phone or youtube, VR glasses will lead them. Everything that can be done on the internet, such as e-commerce, internet news, education, shopping, tourism sector, health, industrial production, entertainment, defense, will add a new easy dimension to our lives with VR technology.

As technology progresses, it will become simpler for new generations to keep up with the times, and people will begin to live entirely in virtual reality. In fact, it is not enough to list the advantages it brings, even if it does not sound very good.

For example, you can take tours in virtual reality environment to a country that you want to go but can’t find time to go, you can go through those streets that you don’t even pass by, sit in a cafe and watch people walking on the street and read your book.

In short, virtual reality will become people’s greatest pioneer and personal advisor in the future.

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