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What is E-Commerce and E-Export?

Electronic commerce, or e-commerce for short, is the concept of conducting trade electronically, which emerged with the increase in Internet usage after 1995. It involves the process of production, promotion, sales, insurance, distribution, and payment transactions of goods and services being conducted over computer networks. E-export refers to selling these products and services to foreign customers or clients, which means selling abroad.

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For customers who want to engage in e-commerce with Dijital Gen, we can provide multiple options. These could include custom software solutions as well as partnerships with leading companies in the E-Commerce sector, such as T-Soft. E-Commerce can be pursued by individuals or legal entities interested in selling products or services. However, as the term implies, e-commerce involves offering products or services for sale. Therefore, you would need to establish a company or conduct e-commerce through an existing business.

In today’s world, the share of e-commerce is rapidly increasing day by day. Offering your products or services to customers through a 24/7 online store is a dream for all businesses. When setting up this system, one of the most important aspects to consider is the infrastructure. It’s crucial that your infrastructure meets the requirements, is usable, and is suitable for areas that require expertise such as SEO.

Having a manageable dashboard in e-commerce websites is essential. For dynamic data like product quantities, it’s recommended to integrate with an ERP system if you’re using one. The next steps include payment systems and logistics. Ensuring a robust infrastructure with SSL security providers for all processes will provide your customers with a flawless shopping experience.

02I Want to Start E-Exporting

E-exporting essentially means expanding an e-commerce site to international markets. The most critical factor here is the optimization of your existing or planned e-commerce site for the countries you are targeting, considering aspects like language, currency, taxes, and shipping procedures of the countries you’re entering.

For an e-commerce site entering a different country, it’s crucial to provide language services specific to that country. Additionally, the order process should be comprehensible in the relevant language, with prices presented in the appropriate currency, and fast shipping options available.

Anyone wishing to present their products internationally can easily do so through e-exporting. There’s no need to establish a physical presence abroad, making the cost significantly lower. This allows you to gauge interest in your products quickly and potentially make country-specific efforts and investments.

Dijital Gen aims to help customers find the most suitable solution for e-exporting, working not only through its own services but also with strong partners. They provide process management support and oversee all optimization processes of the software to ensure its usability.

03Benefits of E-Commerce

The benefits of e-commerce are countless. In today’s world, it’s rare to find individuals who haven’t made purchases from e-commerce websites. Summarizing its most significant advantages:

These benefits can be analyzed from both the seller and user perspectives.

Benefits for Users:

  • Enables users to shop quickly from home without leaving.
  • Eliminates transportation costs associated with price research.
  • Provides a wider variety of products to choose from.
  • Makes finding products that suit their needs easier.
  • Offers clearer information about products through user reviews.

Benefits for Sellers:

  • Obtain a low-cost and readily accessible store.
  • Present detailed product information.
  • Keep stock according to demand and make sales.
  • Offers the possibility to find new customers worldwide.
  • Ensures accessibility.

The advantages of e-commerce extend beyond this list, and they continue to reshape the way businesses and customers interact.

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