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Every successful person has a plan, every unsuccessful person has an excuse. Henry Clausen

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With Dijital Gen, you can bring your ideas, projects, business plans, and software to life. If you have a project for your business, there's no need to wait. Contact us, and we can help you transform your project into software. If you have a startup project, don't waste any more time. Get in touch with us now, and we can help you turn your ideas into reality.

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01Why do I need a software?

In the developed world, many companies catch the trend in technological developments and do their work in a much shorter time with complete software solutions. Companies that focus on their business thanks to these systems that minimize the margin of error, increase efficiency, save time and reduce workplace costs. It has accelerated the achievement of their goals, fostering their growth and development.

Keeping up with the latest technological trends is crucial for meeting software needs effectively. Catching up with fast-moving technological trends always pays off. Today, thanks to corporate Web Sites, E- commerce, E- import and Web-Based Software, it is ensured that companies are available 7/24. Making their products accessible to their customers every day and hour of the week in one of the biggest goals of the companies.

02What are the Benefits of the Software?

Software has many benefits. The most important of them are;

  • Management
  • Accessibility
  • Mobility
  • Efficiency
  • Time-saving

By investing in technology-based solutions and embracing digital transformation, companies can remain relevant, demonstrate their compatibility with the new generation, and ensure their long-term survival. Websites play a vital role in this digital transformation, whether they are corporate, e-commerce, micro, or tailored to specific functions. These websites typically feature dynamic structures.

03How Are Software Costs Calculated?

Software costs can vary depending on various factors. The development cost is typically calculated based on man-hours, which represents the time spent on writing the code. Additionally, the cost of technology used in the software is considered, especially for special software that requires unique methods and tools. Hardware cost includes items such as server, computer and cameras.

However, due to the rapid advancement of technology, writing times have decreased, and expenses like server costs are gradually decreasing. Moreover, software can now be acquired through payment methods like small monthly installments or rentals, making it more accessible as an investment. It is important to note that the cost of software is usually outweighed by the benefits it provides.

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Detection is essential to determine the best strategy!

It is necessary to examine in detail the opportunities and dangers in the environment, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the business, and to evaluate the data obtained in these examinations in the best way in order to make the right strategic decisions.

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