Frequently Asked Questions

Dijital Gen answered the questions for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Those who wanted to have a website asked, Dijital Gen answered.
What is a Corporate Website?

The corporate website consists of pages designed and prepared in accordance with the commercial criteria and character of a business. They are published on the web using different coding methods to ensure accuracy. It is crucial that the website is aligned with your corporate identity and maintains a cohesive image. Furthermore, the content should be user-friendly, simple, elegant, and easily understandable. It is essential for the website to have a structure that effectively addresses the questions and requests of its visitors. Today, websites serve not only as platforms for accessibility but also as key channels for promotional activities.

What is Web Design?

Web design involves the creation of web pages with a distinct character, culture, and synergy, where content is carefully prepared to cater to the target audience. This process integrates software functionality with visually appealing elements. Web pages can be developed for commercial purposes or for individual needs.

What content should be included on my website?

It is essential that the content on your website is original, as nobody knows your offerings better than you do. It is crucial to present yourself, your products, or your services in clear and visually appealing language. As the experts who understand your target audience the best, you should address frequently asked topics on your website. To ensure accessibility, make sure to provide your contact address and phone number in the designated contact section.

Dijital Gen assists you in understanding and categorizing your target audience through sector-specific studies.

Is the Admin Panel Necessary?

Never prefer websites that do not have an Admin Panel. The ease of use of the website management panels is as important as the preliminary design. Working with an uncontrollable or complex panel will not only require constant support but also necessitate the involvement of a proficient software developer. This can lead to both time and financial losses. It is crucial to request a demo or a small panel presentation from the individual or organization responsible for your website. Having a user-friendly management panel that allows easy editing of all website content is highly important.

Dijital Gen’s Panel Management systems are designed to be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and regularly updated to incorporate necessary enhancements. Our panels are primarily available in Turkish, but we also offer service options in different languages to cater to our customers’ preferences. In addition, Dijital Gen Panel Management Support is provided in detail for each product received.

I want to create a website. What should I do?

First, start by planning the type of website you want to build. If it will be a corporate website, classify your products or services accordingly. Your website serves as a digital signature, representing your online presence and identity in today’s internet-driven world. Determine the image you want to project as a company.  There will be many people or institutions who will seek information about you, attempt to reach you, and wish to get in touch. It is important that you describe yourself clearly and effectively.


We are working to make the software accessible.

Contact us now to get detailed information about our industry-specific software!

What does the Dijital Gen offer?

Dijital Gen’s standout difference is its mission to make software accessible.
What is Dijital Gen?

Dijital Gen is a software and technology company that stays at the forefront of innovations and develops new products in various fields by incorporating them into its software solutions. We identify the needs of our customers and create user-friendly software using innovative technologies. Dijital Gen specializes in designing customized software solutions that enable institutions and companies to approach their business from a unique perspective, fostering innovation and driving differentiation. We develop integration software that allows companies to seamlessly run their operations and consolidate their processes in one centralized platform, minimizing errors and improving efficiency. We remain up-to-date with government regulations and provide prompt software solutions that cater to the specific needs of different sectors. In addition, we have undertaken the mission of being an angel investor, supporting and bringing to life the initiatives of young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.

What are Dijital Gen services?

Dijital Gen offers a range of services that can be grouped under the following headings:

  1. Project Planning and Software Development
  2. Web-Based Custom Software Solutions
  3. Corporate Website Services
  4. E- Commerce & E- Export Software Solutions
  5. Mobile Applications
  6. Integration Software Solutions
  7. Industry- Specific Software Product
  8. Collection and Payment Software and Integration
  9. Artificial Intelligence Project and Software Solutions
  10. VR- Virtual Reality Software Solutions
  11. AR- Augmented Reality Software Solutions
  12. 2D and 3D Design and Modeling Services
  13. 2D and 3D Animation Services


What are Dijital Gen Products?

Manage your business life easily with Dijital Gen products!

  • E- Gen Innovative Mobile E- Commerce Application
  • GenBot Online Inquiry System
  • GenPoint Field Work Tracking System
  • GenCheck Process Management System
  • GenWarn Our Early Warning and Advice System
  • Interactive Catalog Your Digital Catalog
Why Dijital Gen?

You will find many reasons to choose Dijital Gen. We have complied just a few for you.


  • Young and Dynamic Staff
  • Innovative Software Solutions
  • Customized solutions tailored to your needs
  • Full Compliance with State Regulations
  • After Sales Service Policy
  • Cost and Payment Advantages