Dijital GenTM Products

We build mobile, fast and manageable systems. Moreover, everything is much easier now with our smart products equipped with Artificial Intelligence!
Establishing manageable systems reduces the margin of error and gives you speed. Dijital Gen applications have been developed for you with clear and easy UI structures.
It's time to be mobile in order to be able to reach securely and be accessible from anywhere with the internet. Of course, up-to-date and faster with its innovative technology infrastructure... We are here for Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and more!
Don't let the software costs tire you out with Dijital Gen. We are with you with payment terms specially prepared for the products and options that can be arranged according to the companies.

Necessary Software

Dijital Gen designs and develops software in accordance with needs. It provides fast and reliable service to companies thanks to its customizable interface.

Dijital Gen Product Strategy

Our goal is to produce products that will provide benefits and benefits, minimize our margin of error by making our work easier, and enable us to focus on our business by reducing our software costs! We build developable products with new technological infrastructures.

Solution with Products!

Dijital Gen software products are built on platforms that can be accessed 24/7. It is sufficient to have an internet connection to access up-to-date data. It works integrated with your existing system and develops API for third party application integrations. It provides ease of use with its dynamic and user-friendly interfaces. It offers a service that can be continuously improved with its innovative technological infrastructures. It aims to solve your business in a much shorter time by adding power to its software such as Artificial Intelligence in its necessary applications.

Dijital Gen Products ?

The products we present to you at the moment are as follows;

E-Gen | E-Commerce Mobile Application
Gen2B | Dealer Management System
GenBot | Online Inquiry System
GenPort | Instant Report System
GenCheck | Mission Tracking System
GenPoint | Field Job Tracking System
GenWarn | Early Warning and Suggestion System

We are planning to offer 5 more products by the end of 2022 and we continue our work in this direction.


Plan your Costs!

How about planning your costs while using the product at the same time? Thanks to Dijital Gen's groundbreaking payment system, we offer convenient payment options for our products. You can contact us for the details of our system that will make a difference.

Our Products

Always be with your customers with a prestigious mobile application in Apple App Store and Google Play Store!”
E-Gen | Mobile E-CommerceDijital Gen
Always be by your side by offering your dealers a web-based software that they can always reach.
Gen2B | Dealer Management SystemDijital Gen
Whether the stock or the product itself! Don't you want to present your products online 24/7 with a single query?
GenBot | Online Inquiry SystemDijital Gen
Stop waiting for Information from Someone! 24/7 Online Information and Report Opportunity at GenPort!
GenPort | Instant Report SystemDijital Gen
Archive fieldwork! Visit your customers, dealers. Mark and take notes, share your latest statuses with your manager instantly!
GenPoint | Field Work Tracking SystemDijital Gen
Isn't it time to eliminate paper and pencil in your regular work?
GenCheck | Mission Tracking SystemDijital Gen
You're running out of stock and you may be late. Use the GenWarn early warning system and take action!
GenWarn | Early Warning and Suggestion SystemDijital Gen

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Make a difference with our project-based artificial intelligence products!

We are here for you!


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Our sole aim is to make the software accessible!