What is Artificial Intelligence?

10 March 2023by dijitalgen0

What is Artificial Intelligence?

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer-controlled robot to perform human-like tasks that can provide fast, practical solutions to the problems in our present and future world. It imitates human-like features such as learning or problem solving.” For example: Chatbots, Intelligent assistants, Suggestion engines, autonomous vehicles and airplanes…

Artificial intelligence has uses such as voice recognition, image processing, natural language processing, and reasoning. If we give an example of these, we can start with voice recognition.

Voice recognition, microphone and voice are converted into letters or words by creating digital frequencies, so it recognizes the voice and gives answers. In today’s age, we can call these the Siri released by Apple.

Artificial intelligence is examined in three main lines. These ; Artificial narrow intelligence, Artificial general intelligence, Artificial super intelligence…

Artificial narrow intelligence is specializing in subjects that can perform close to human beings. Artificial narrow intelligence pioneers determined, limited topics. The best examples of these are facial recognition systems, driverless vehicles, cyber security, and robot assistants in the field of health.

Artificial general intelligence is an intelligence with an algorithm that can do everything a human can do. Today, transitions are made from narrow intelligence to general intelligence, but creating this intelligence is a difficult process and we have not been able to do it because we do not have these equipment yet.

Artificial superintelligence is the threshold of a transcendent technology. It is capable of doing more and more than human characteristics. It is predicted that this artificial intelligence, which can be created in the near future, can provide unlimited, flawless possibilities unlike anything.

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