What is mobile app design?

8 March 2023by dijitalgen0

What is mobile app design?

As technology progresses and the use of smartphones, tablets or computers becomes widespread, the applications that cause us to use them have started to increase. Especially in today’s age, people have started to use applications such as banking, shopping and dining, which make their lives easier with one click and make payments. They can access the applications they want from places such as the app store, google play store, which exist in IOS and Android operating systems.

Thanks to mobile applications, progress is achieved in an easy and trouble-free way in closely following every subject that can be reached such as customer follow-up and job follow-up. However, in addition to these, attention should be paid to the sustainability and error-free operation of mobile applications.

The most important things to pay attention to in mobile applications!

1) Designs that can appeal to the target audience should be made in accordance with the strategy created by individuals or companies.

2) User experience should be given 100% importance and minimalist designs should be preferred.

3) It should be one with internal and external stakeholders and the target audience should be examined in detail. Accordingly, appropriate colors should be used.

4) In the name of permanence and continuity, attention should be paid to the typography order.

5) Responsive designs suitable for all smartphones should be preferred.

6) Designs close to WEB format should be used, and care should be taken not to go beyond the concept.

7) Competitor or similar applications should be analyzed and fine details applied to your own design.


On January 9, 2007, there were serious developments related to mobile application development. Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone model and introduced an unusual technology in the mobile world.

With the introduction of touch phones into our lives, the user experience has increased to a higher level. Firms or individuals who saw this situation as an opportunity were able to convey their product, service and promotional campaigns more easily to their target audience with a single touch.

In addition, various social media platforms have been the biggest supporters of this process. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok are mobile applications where users spend the most time in daily life. In particular, its easy-to-use enabled it to reveal a high-level user experience.

Thanks to these platforms, which have played a major role in the future of mobile applications, huge investments have been completely turned towards application software and design.

Mobile applications, which are developing every day, are far ahead of real life. Especially the pandemic period allowed users to spend more time on the phone. The shopping sector, on the other hand, ranks first as the sector that benefits most at this point.

With the ever-developing smartphones and the changing habits of people, the future of mobile applications is clearly evident. With investors considering these possibilities, mobile applications seem to be the stars of the future.

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