What is Augmented Reality?

1 March 2023by dijitalgen0

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is the blending of virtual objects with real images using the object recognition feature of devices. In fact, virtual objects are superimposed on existing objects, thus increasing the reality. This system promises that an object or event, which does not exist in reality, exists in the virtual environment, is happening by using the necessary applications thanks to the computer or mobile device we have. Inputs that will appeal to human senses and stimulate their senses with augmented reality
It is modified and enriched by the computer and the new reality that emerges is presented to the user’s perception. Enrichment takes place in real time and interacts with surrounding elements.

With Augmented Reality, the user can interact with the information and other elements that make up the reality environment. Artificial information and elements related to the environment can be compatible with the real world. What you need to do to benefit from augmented reality technology is to have an internet access first. Finding devices to define augmented reality is the second requirement.

What Are the Uses of Augmented Reality?
Although these systems are in their infancy today, in the future companies will use augmented reality more intensively to improve decision making and business procedures.

– Industrial design
– Marketing and Packaging
– Advertising and Marketing
– Games and Fun
– Education
– Architecture and Construction
– Art and Museums – Logistics Sector
– Decoration
– Shopping
– Device Installation and Repair
– Innovative Products
– Spatial Interaction

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