Why is Note-Taking Important in Business? What Does the Note Taking Application Glasp Do?

24 February 2023by dijitalgen0

Why is Note-Taking Important in Business? What Does the Note Taking Application Glasp Do?


Using a note taking app is very popular in the business world. Similarly, taking notes in business processes provides many advantages in your business life. So what are these advantages? Let’s examine it together.


Lets You Generate More Ideas


The note-taking application helps you develop new ideas and reach more different ideas apart from the first ideas that come to your mind.


Saving time


Note taking saves time by making it easier for you to remember your ideas.


Your Ideas Will Be Permanent


The pace of work during the day causes ideas to be forgotten from time to time. At this point, progressing online or by taking notes on paper helps to prevent this situation.


The note-taking method, which is very convenient for business or daily use, is also divided into two in itself. In addition, although making progress by taking notes on paper is more preferred than taking notes over online applications, online applications have more advantages than taking notes on paper. However, Glasp, which has been very popular lately, seems to be a very good option for those who like to take notes online.


What is Glasp?


It is now very easy to take notes with Glasp. Add information directly and start taking notes without having to go back and forth between the website and the application.

  • Copy everything with one click.
  • It offers seamless exporting thanks to the Markdown format.
  • Supported by Readwise integration.
  • Suitable for use with YouTube. Moreover, you can easily annotate videos with Glasp.
  • Glasp can be used with other note apps.
  • Glasp’s Kindle Integration feature lets you import all the highlights and notes.
  • You can also share your quotes with this Twitter-optimized application.
  • The Glasp application offers its users the opportunity to view the summary supported by artificial intelligence.
  • Users have the ability to highlight and annotate PDF files on the web.
  • You can download all your important notes with .txt, .md, .csv.

As a result, the business world has changed and transformed with technology. For this reason, taking notes saves time and provides convenience in all your business processes.

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