What are Project and Management Processes?

17 March 2023by dijitalgen0

What is Project?

A project is an ongoing temporary attempt to provide a service that has not been demonstrated before with a starting and ending point. In another definition, a project is a problem-specific, one-time process that aims to achieve a goal within a certain time.

What is Project Management?
Project Management is based on the creation of programs that are planned to be implemented by using time and financial resources effectively. In today’s conditions where larger-scale projects are carried out, project management is increasing its importance with the effect of globalization. Project management; time management, cost management, quality management, HR
management, supply management, risk management and procurement management processes. Identifying potential problems in the planning phase of project management enables the problem to be easily solved in case of a crisis. Project management helps you direct your financial resources to the right side.

Project Management Processes
1) Beginning
– To determine the requirements and goals of the organization.
– To examine the previous organizations.
– Creating a budget.
– Creating a timeline.
– To make a task table and product presentation.
– Turning documents into documents.

2) Planning
– Forming the planning team.
– Determining the scope of the project.
– Making a work sharing.
– Estimate time and cost.
– Making risk planning.
– Planning crisis management for possible problems.
– Obtaining official approval.

3) Execution
– Attempts are made to reach the goals specified in the planning.
– Proceed in accordance with the project management plan.

4) Monitoring and Control
– To see the completion levels of the works carried out.
– Fix any problems that occur.
– To control the budget and time course.

5) Closing
– Completing the administrative closing process.
– Controlling and closing contracts.
– Prepare and document the closing evaluation of the project

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