Our Dijital Gen Website Has Been Released!

22 March 2023by dijitalgen0

Have You Visited Our Dijital Gen Website?

Our website was launched at https://www.dijitalgen.com. You can reach all the details you wonder about Dijital Gen on our website, which has been put into service with the main headings of Corporate, Our Services and Products.

Who is Dijital Gen?

Dijital Gen is an innovative software company established in Istanbul in 2021 with its Young and Dynamic structure.

It is focused on producing and developing software suitable for corporate websites, E-Commerce software solutions and services and customer requests and needs. At the same time, mobile software has taken its place in the sector with the mobile applications we offer for different target audiences. It offers innovative solutions in corporate and e-commerce with iOS and Android mobile applications that it has brought to life in the mobile field.

If we need to briefly describe the Dijital Gen products;

Strategic Detection
It is a type of determination that determines the software requirements by determining the workflow within the activity of the enterprise and constructs a software strategy in line with the result. There may be legal and natural persons who want to participate in this process. There is no need to have a ready-to-operate system for detection. New ventures can also participate in this process and determine the requirements for their planned business.

Project Planning and Software Development
With Dijital Gen, you can implement your ideas and projects into software, and your business plans and software. Have a project for your business? You don’t have to wait to turn your project into software by contacting us! Have a Start-Up project? Don’t waste time implementing it! Bring your ideas to life by contacting us now!

Web Based Software Solutions
Dijital Gen is an innovative software company. It aims to have access to all your software 24/7 and offers web-based software with innovative solutions. It implements Web Sites, E-Commerce Sites, Private or Sector-Specific Software with the most suitable tools for you and your target audience.

Mobile Application Solutions
Mobile application is application software prepared to work on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet computers and smart watches. It is usually downloaded from platform-specific app stores. It is roughly divided into three groups as native, web-based and hybrid applications.

Integration Solutions
Dijital Gen Software integration; With the integration service, it is ensured that the programs running on different platforms work interactively with a reliable infrastructure with one or two-way data flow. It is a work that provides great convenience from working life.

Collection and Payment Software Solutions
One of the biggest benefits of online collection software is to be able to create a virtual POS, to use the cards of more than one bank and to do this work 24/7. NO annual POS fee! Low Commission Rate YES!

E-Commerce and E-Export Software Solutions

It is possible for us to offer more than one option to our customers who want to do e-commerce with Digital Gen. These may be original software, as well as business partnerships with companies such as T-Soft, which are the pioneers in the E-Commerce sector. First of all, it can be a private person or legal entity who wants to do e-commerce. However, the concept of e-commerce, as the name suggests, includes the sale of a product or service. For this reason, you will need to establish a company or conduct e-commerce through your existing company.

Today, the share of e-commerce is increasing exponentially day by day. It is the dream of all businesses to offer their products or services to your customers through a 24/7 open virtual store. One of the biggest issues to be considered while installing this system is infrastructure. It is important that your infrastructure meets the demands, is usable, and is suitable for areas that require expertise such as SEO.

In e-commerce sites, having a manageable panel is a must. Dynamic data such as product numbers are recommended to be integrated if you are using an ERP program. At the beginning of the next steps are payment systems and logistics. Having a solid infrastructure with SSL Security providers for all processes will provide your customers with a perfect shopping experience.

Artificial Intelligence Project and Software Solutions

Dijital Gen is a software company that develops products with artificial intelligence studies. With innovative software, it achieves the target by obtaining much faster and more reliable results. In addition, it offers long-term solutions with an innovative perspective to the software you need in the strategic determination made with your company. One of them is Artificial Intelligence supported software solutions.

Some of the Artificial Intelligence products offered by Dijital Gen are;

Object Recognition Projects
Deep Learning Projects
Follow-up and Suggestion Projects
Warning Systems
Artificial Intelligence System Integrations

Dijital Gen services are specially designed and adapted for you and offered by being built with the latest technology up-to-date software. If you want to get service in the field of software, you can contact us with Dijital Gen Whatsapp Business num. You can reach us quickly. With the hope of meeting,

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