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The concept of the Internet of Things or IoT, in other words, connects all computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals and even humans that can generate information and share it over the internet, but by assigning a unique identity (UID) to each object without the need for humans. It is the name given to all the systems that can transfer data over the network.

IoT is increasing day by day, companies of different sizes from different sectors use various internet of things applications to work more efficiently, improve their business processes, provide a much better service to their customers, make more effective decisions and increase the value of their business.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that was first introduced by Kevin Ashton in a presentation he prepared for a company in 1991, and it explains the technology of communication between all machines, from wristwatches to countless electronic devices. For example, a parcel can detect how much product is in it or the occupancy rate with various sensors and vehicle integrations. Objects can be accessed via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or similar network tools and used for useful purposes by communicating with them.

In short, the working system of IoT; data collection is based on processing and transmitting data. IoT can also be used to facilitate daily life, can be used for simple operations, and for extremely complicated operations in working life, as different devices communicate with each other and act according to this communication.


So what can be done with IoT Technology in Our Daily Life?


  • All business processes can be monitored.
  • The customer experience can be improved and enhanced.
  • Time and money can be saved.
  • It can increase employee productivity.
  • Business models can be integrated and adapted.
  • Better decisions can be made in the light of data.
  • More revenue growth is achieved.


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