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Barcode is a system that has been developed for recognizing products since 1940. They are rectangular symbols drawn parallel to each other in different thicknesses and lengths and formed as black bars with spaces between the lines. The purpose of using barcodes is to transfer data to another environment in an error-free and automatic manner. Barcodes that we usually see on a white background do not have such a requirement. Barcodes can be read and recorded with barcode readers. In this way, information such as stock code and reference number of the product can be easily accessed. This information can be entered into the computer manually, but the error rate is quite high.

While the barcode is being prepared, it should not contain an explanation or product code about the product. There should be only reference number information about the product. With the reference number entered on the barcode, information about the product is entered into the computer. It saves the product to the computer and information is added on the registered product. This facilitates access to information about the product.

In the internationally used barcode label system, there are 13 numbers consisting of numbers and lines. Numbers are the part that we can perceive and enter manually, and lines are the part that can be read by machines. This 13 digit structure is divided into 4 parts . The part with the first 3 digits is the first part. This part; indicates the country or symbol code. This number given by the EAN differs between countries . The next 4 digits are the second part. It is the section where the company code given by the Numbering Organization is displayed . Another part is the third part, which consists of 5 numbers. This is the Product Number used for product promotion given by the business. The remaining fourth part is the Control Number, which is formed as a result of the calculations so that the barcode can be read correctly.


DataMatrix is a 2D barcode developed by Denso Wave that can be printed in square or rectangular formats. The general name of this square or rectangular structure is Data Matrix. QR codes, which are much more advantageous than barcodes, can contain large amounts of letters and numbers. This system scanning speed, which can be reduced by one-tenth, is a great advantage in terms of being selectable and readable.

The first use of the QR code word is Barcode Application Guide for Medicinal Products for Human Use. This is used as the Turkish equivalent of Data Matrix. The data matrix structure, which is applied for the first time in the pharmaceutical industry in our country, contains the following information. GTIN is a 14-digit barcode number. These are the numbers obtained by prefixing the EAN barcode with “0”. Sequence Numbers are numbers uniquely created by manufacturers to represent each product. The Expiry Date is written in year, month, day format, with 6 digits. Finally, the Lot Number is a number that represents the series of the product under production. With this information, each product can be tracked and together with its GTIN + Sequence Number, it creates a uniqueness in that product.

QR code barcodes ; It is divided into three types: QR Code, Data Matrix Code, Aztec Code.

QR Code; Text, image, various images, video or link can be placed in the type. Although it is not read in case of complete pollution or excessive wear, QR codes that are dirty or worn to a certain level can be read.

Data Matrix Code; These codes, which have become widespread by being used in the pharmaceutical industry, consist of black and white cells located on a square or rectangular area of different sizes. Data Matrix codes are based on mathematics consisting of 1 and 0 numbers.

Aztec Codes; It is the least used type among the QR codes. It creates a more passive and simple system compared to other QR code types. Aztec code has large gaps around it. These are spaces without data. These spaces are how Aztec code makes some code that cannot read without spaces become readable by readers. Its difference from other codes is that it has the ability to self-correct against contamination and wear.

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