Take Your Place in the $3.6 Trillion IndustryTake Your Place in the Ecosystem with Mobile Commerce!

30 June 2023by dijitalgen0

Take Your Place in the $3.6 Trillion Industry


With the pandemic, our shopping habits have completely changed. As of 2020-2021, it is a fact that consumers focus on online shopping. With this new era, brands that renew themselves and always focus on development have already started mobile e-commerce without losing speed. Making a name for itself today, Trendyol, Hepsiburada, N11, etc. are a few of them.


Would you like to join the big race too?


With the change in shopping methods, consumers who first turn to online prefer online and mobile shopping today. Today, 72% of e-commerce is carried out on mobile devices. In addition, the incoming sales volume shows 3.6 Trillion Dollars in the world, according to Statista’s report. Returning to Turkey, it is observed that the development of mobile device technologies and consumers spend more time in application stores. With the increase in mobile device usage rate, e-commerce sites have become frequently visited on mobile devices. In this sense, it is very important to invest in mobile space in e-commerce.


Purchases made with mobile devices are made through the secure mobile application of the e-commerce site or online marketplace. With your mobile trade, you can determine your sales methods by monitoring mobile traffic, average order value and changes in orders over time, and thus you can take actions to improve your mobile trade.


Take Your Place in the Ecosystem with Mobile Commerce!


As Digital Gen , which carries out studies in the field of Software and Technology, we have put E-Gen into your service, where you can improve your mobile commerce.


E-Gen is a mobile application developed with Google Flutter where you can present your e-commerce in IOS and Android markets. Thanks to E-Gen, you can now increase your sales by performing your trade through more accessible channels, offer consumers the opportunity to make product-price comparisons on mobile, and use your m-commerce as a new sales channel.

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