Your Work Is 80% Easier With Artificial Intelligence

5 July 2023by dijitalgen0

Your job is 80% easier with artificial intelligence


With the digitalizing world, by 2025, approximately 80% of all organizations will have accelerated the use of digital technologies. Developed technologies positively transform and improve employee productivity and the way current work is done. Midsize structures are under pressure to rapidly transform the way they work within the company and interact with customers. So how will medium-sized companies get rid of this pressure? The first thing that comes to mind for the answer to the question: Artificial Intelligence.


How well do we know artificial intelligence?


Artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer system to imitate human-specific functions such as learning and problem solving. Problems that require intelligence and intelligence can be effectively solved with the help of computers, thanks to artificial intelligence.


While artificial intelligence supports issues such as voice recognition, image processing, natural language processing and reasoning, in our daily lives, it can be used as cyber security, defense industry, voice assistants, language translations, suggestion systems, navigation, social security, health services, e-commerce and auxiliary robot applications. finds place.


Give direction to your business with a special artificial intelligence assistant!


We undertake the management of many issues at the same time in business life. So, while taking on the responsibilities of our work areas, can we follow up the issues sufficiently? Here is the answer to this question Digital Gen Early Warning and Recommendation system GenWarn gives for you.

GenWarn was born as a solution to the popular industries of recent times. It can be easily integrated into all e-commerce infrastructures, especially in online shopping services. With GenWarn artificial intelligence, it checks your stocks that are nearing the end, calculates the lead times and presents you a report according to the data of the past months. It warns you about all the actions you need to take in the next process and makes suggestions.

GenWarn promises to make your job easier by 80% with its artificial intelligence.

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