Be Safe From Cyber Security Threats

7 July 2023by dijitalgen0

Be Safe From Cyber Security Threats


Cyber security problems, one of the biggest threats of our age, are among the most talked about and frequently discussed issues recently. Underestimating cybersecurity poses no small threats to users, from damage to personal and corporate reputations to identity theft. As such, it is certain that we users, who use the internet and mobile applications intensively in every field, have great duties. So, what ways can we follow to protect our mobile devices and feel safe in virtual environments? Here are some things we can do to be cyber-intelligent individuals:

  • Generating secure passwords. As users, we can choose the passwords we always use when creating memberships to different sites, and even those who do not pay attention to whether our password is easy or difficult are in the majority. Trying consecutive numbers of our passwords, our dates of birth, the teams we keep, and such not difficult password combinations is quite insufficient to protect our information in the digital world. Safe, hard, strong passwords are one of the biggest obstacles to the malicious intent of cyber crooks. In addition, you can take extra precautions for security with the dual-factor identity application. For users who can’t handle large numbers of passwords and forget them, choosing a project manager can be handy.
  • Suspicious Applications: When installing applications on our mobile devices, we need to take a look at the number of downloads of the applications and the comments made. Experiences of users who have already installed the application can protect you from malware.
  • Device Security: By updating mobile devices on time, you can protect your device with the highest level of security software.
  • Remote Access: Note that some applications that you have given access to may delete your information.
  • Sensitive Information: In order to protect your privacy in the virtual universe where all kinds of information can be shared, keeping your sensitive information to yourself and not sharing it online prevents this information from being used against you.
  • Backing Up Data: You can make regular backups to prevent any data loss that may occur.
  • Downloads: To download an application, your preferred application must be the official platform. Download sites whose reliability is a question mark, from which you download applications, can leave you alone with viruses.
  • A Critical Approach: It is extremely important for users to approach various emails, links and fake shopping advertisements with a question mark in order not to fall into the trap of phishing, which is one of the most common hacking methods. Be careful not to easily open any link that you do not believe is from a secure source.
  • Online Shopping: The rapid spread of online shopping brings many conveniences and advantages to users, as well as risks that need to be taken care of. In order to prevent the theft of card information in online shopping activities, you can choose virtual cards, which are very useful.
  • Wifi Services: Although it is very attractive for us to be able to connect to the internet from anywhere and at any time, unfortunately this is a different way used by cyber crooks to victimize users. Cyber crooks can access their users’ information with fake WIFI networks. Therefore, verifying the wireless network settings from the service area and preferably using a VPN can prevent such situations from occurring.
  • Security Questions: We should not take it easy while determining the security question we will choose and the answers we will give in case we forget our passwords.
  • Device Selection: Since public computers can host malicious software, they should not be your first choice for entering your private accounts such as banks or social media. Also, always check that you have logged out after using the public computer.

Websites: Use websites that have HTTPS in their address. If the sites you shop online do not have HTTPS, the chances of your information being stolen by hackers may increase.

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