Avoid Growing Stock Problems

12 July 2023by dijitalgen0

Avoid Growing Stock Problems


With modern stock control methods, you can grow your business in a healthier and more controlled manner by providing uninterrupted service to your customers. Today, institutions aim to present all the details about their products and services online 24/7. In this way, it aims to increase customer satisfaction and gain profit in the long run.


With the increasing product variety in line with the intensifying demands of the consumers, it has become quite difficult to find the desired product. Even the leading brands that have proven themselves have difficulty in providing instant and up-to-date answers to their customers regarding the increasing demands for online shopping and product variety. In addition, we see that leading e-commerce sites add new categories and filter options in order to direct their customers to the right product.


Access instant and up-to-date data!


Due to the supply problem experienced today, we see that the stocks are instantly depleted and both brands and consumers are often victimized in this sense. Even B2B (Business to Business) has difficulties in sharing up-to-date data in this regard, due to the length and uncertainty of supply times.


As a result of all these explanations, the desire of institutions to switch to a regular and manageable system has increased. Born with the demand of customers, dealers or company managers to access up-to-date stock and product detail information, GenBot is ready to be your solution partner!

Check product information in seconds from a single place, present instant and up-to-date data to your customers!

With GenBot, the Online Inquiry System developed by Digital Gen, it answers your stock query within seconds. Thanks to GenBot, you can track your stock with a single click, from home, work, vacation or anywhere you have internet access. In addition, by giving special user logins to your dealers, you can provide the necessary updated information about your products and stocks online.

GenBot provides instant answers to customer needs, guides you to the desired product and helps you increase your sales. It even allows you to see the demands coming to your depleted stocks. Thanks to GenBot’s innovative and technological infrastructure, you can make more than 10,000 queries per second.

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