Step 6. Postscripts

A Postscript (PS) is a great way to light a fire under your client and activate them!

A PS contains all the important information like when the offer expires or if there are limited orders or any other final thoughts you want to leave your customer.

It’s simply another way to connect with customers and highlight the details of your offer in a scannable way.

Bonus Tips for Writing a Sales Letter

  • Clearly state your offer and benefits.
  • Use words that will have a positive impact on your expectations.
  • Choose your words according to your target audience.
  • Have a believable tone of voice.
  • Try to avoid creating any confusion. Be direct.
  • Provide accurate details of product availability and pricing.
  • Use a cohesive font, color, and theme throughout your sales letter.
  • Include your name, signature and other contact information.
  • Be sure to make the correction and editing.



Sales letters always have a specific purpose, such as promoting a new product or offer. To grab your reader’s attention, your content and appeal must be of premium quality.

Effective sales letters consist of strong and persuasive language that will help you achieve clear results in terms of conversion.

And it goes without saying that you need a helping hand to create such solid and engaging sales letters. Bit will easily take over this part!

With all the details and tips you need at hand, it’s time to try your luck at sales letters.