Digital Gen is the Solution Partner in Cosme Core’s Digital Transformation.

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Digital Gen is the Solution Partner in Cosme Core’s Digital Transformation.


In short, Cosme Core;



It is a company established to offer the best by combining its interest in personal care and beauty with its innovative spirit. It is a dynamic team that stepped into the magical world of K-BEAUTY and is a part of America’s beauty trend that decorates our dreams. He is the distributor of many brands that are accepted all over the world and break sales records. As a team, they pay great attention to the result-oriented, quality and content of our products. We will enjoy being a part of this trend with Cosme Core. It carries out the Turkey distributorship of world-famous brands such as ESTHEMAX, NOJH, DR.HEDISON, SAFER.


As COSME CORE company, it brings together the unique products of Korea, which is a breakthrough in the beauty and cosmetics sector, and America, the capital of cosmetics. It is here to offer you, our valued customers, the most exclusive brands and rich products of Korea and America. While the products it chooses for you are the upper segment, it also chooses our products that appeal to every budget with the same meticulousness without sacrificing quality. With its result-oriented approaches, it reflects the needs and expectations at every point in its products and services.


As it is known, Korea and America are in the first place in the beauty and personal care sector and are among the developing countries. It’s hard not to admire the flawless skin of Korean women and America’s passion for the industry. They offer us wonders by combining their past experiences with technology. They do their work with great care, selectivity and care. Thanks to today’s technology and experience from the past, the development of result-oriented products is the most important detail in our preference.


With 100% original product assurance, it offers you the most prestigious brands and products of the giant countries of the industry. With its R&D team, it advances their acquaintance with great care and attention. Our priority is the satisfaction of our valued customers.


To offer the best with our wide product range and to do their best to make a difference without sacrificing expertise and quality. To provide you with the best quality service by constantly raising the product bar by following innovations and technological developments.


In order to meet customer expectations, it aims to meet the products in all segments, as well as to be of high quality, reliable and timely delivery. For this purpose, it is the basic principle of meeting customer requests with high quality, reliable, most suitable price and on time by constantly improving it with the slogan of “HIGH CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”.


Cosme Core prefers Digital Gen, which attracts attention with its young and dynamic structure in its digital transformation, as its solution partner; It will run with Digital Gen as 360, primarily software infrastructure.

Digital Gen has made this choice in its social media accounts, “Together We Are Much Stronger!” announced with the slogan.

You can visit the (https://www.cosmecore.com/) websites to examine and get detailed information about Cosme Core products.

“Together We Are Much Stronger!”

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