IQ Money’s Solution Partner in Digital Transformation Became Dijital Gen.

11 June 2023by dijitalgen0

IQ Money’s Solution Partner in Digital Transformation Became Dijital Gen.


In short, IQ Money,

While the traditionally accepted banking instruments among payment and collection methods continue to be used effectively, it has emerged that more innovative services are needed in some marketing channels after the spread of digitalization. As IQ Money, we are happy to adopt the principle of making the innovations brought by the digital age accessible to everyone in the Digital Financial Payment Solutions sector, with our secure and strong technological infrastructure by fitting technology and finance into the same code structure.

With our new generation virtual pos solutions, contactless payments can be made with Link or QR code. At the same time, we are improving our technological infrastructure day by day to enable you to easily manage the payment system of our workplaces such as card storage and regular payment, without time and place limitations. IQ Money has the ability to implement next-generation financial payment systems, the benefits of which are becoming clearer and more popular with each passing day, and solutions covering a much wider part of the financial world in the coming years. We are taking fast and reliable steps towards innovations in which we will use the words finance and technology together more in the coming period.

Our story, which started with software studies in 2018, became a company in 2019 and took its power from the thousands of years old heritage of Anatolia by planning activities in the payment services sector. IQ MONEY aims to be a reliable solution partner in the sector with its advanced solutions, customer-oriented approach, strong infrastructure and experienced staff. In order to realize its growth targets in a short time, we aim to be a company that is always remembered with confidence, first in Turkey and then worldwide. Having respect and trust means doing “work that leaves a mark”. With this awareness, our main axis is to contribute to making Turkey a country that exports technology and information in the field of payment systems.

You can visit the IQ Money website (https://www.iqmoney.com.tr/) for detailed information.

IQ Money preferred Dijital Gen, which attracts attention with its young and dynamic structure in digital transformation, as its solution partner.


“Together We Are Much Stronger!”


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