Dijital Gen Became the Solution Partner in İsotlar Grup Software Services.

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Dijital Gen Became the Solution Partner in İsotlar Grup Software Services.


Briefly, Isotlar Group;


Isotlar Group; was established in Adana in 1965 with the principles of success-oriented service understanding, customer satisfaction, brand reliability, high product and service quality.

It first started its activities with the authorized sales and service of the world’s leading brands. He carried his experience in retail operations, acquired for many years with different product types and brands, to new investments and the first distributorship activity started in 1997 with the TATA brand. Isotlar Group became the distributor of the TVS motorcycle group, one of the three largest manufacturers in India, in 2005, as well as the Tata brand automobiles and light commercial vehicles, which serve with a wide network of sales and service points throughout the country, and AGRALE, one of the largest chassis manufacturers in Brazil. carries out the exclusive exclusive distributorship of bus chassis in Turkey, Eastern Europe and Turkic Republics. In addition, it became one of the companies that steer the motorcycle sector together with the Turkey Distributorship of Peugeot Motocycles in 2016, and the Brixton Motorcycles Turkey and Lambretta Turkey Distributorship in 2017.


Doğuş Group representation, which started with the Volkswagen brand as Aykan Motor in the automotive sector, grew stronger in Adana with the addition of Audi, Skoda and DOD (Duş Oto Evaluation) brands. Aykan has gained a loyal customer base by gaining the trust of the consumers with the sales and service services offered under all these brands. At the same time, Renault-Dacia authorized sales and after-sales services are offered in Adana under the name of İsotlar Otomotiv.

Implemented in 2020 within the Isotlar Group, Mobilup.com.tr is a project where the Group will carry all its services and products to the digital platform, and it is an important e-commerce breakthrough that has not been addressed in such a broad scope before.

Isotlar Group also includes fuel, car rental and insurance brokerage companies.

As Isotlar Group, we aim to grow the principles of trust, honesty and quality, which form the basis of our respectable brands and service understanding, step by step with our devoted, hardworking, young and dynamic staff, and to transfer our successes from generation to generation by combining our determination and stability.


Our Mission

To develop our fields of activity by combining our experience with our innovative perspective,

To grow steadily with our honest and quality understanding,

To ensure the sustainability of development and growth,

To increase the satisfaction of our customers and employees and their loyalty to our companies.


Our Vision

To be a company with universal standards in our fields of activity.


Our Values

Quality, Integrity, Respect for People, Leadership, Collaboration.


Isotlar Group preferred Dijital Gen, which attracts attention with its young and dynamic structure in Software Services, as its solution partner.

You can visit the websites (https://www.isotlar.com.tr/tr/) to examine Isotlar Group products and get detailed information about them.

“Together We Are Much Stronger!”

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