What is this they call “Javascript”?

29 March 2023by dijitalgen0

What is Javascript?

What is Javascript? To answer the question, javascript is a coding language that makes websites active, increases their function, solves any problems, and increases user experience.

It was developed by Brendan Eich in 1995 and released by Netscape company. It is one of the most useful software languages from the past to date. Javascript runs on web browsers. It is very simple to use and learn. Javascript is confused with java as a name, but they are two different technologies. Javascript is used in many websites today. For example ; While searching for something on the Internet, we don’t mind if we misspell the word because javascript corrects the misspelled word when searching. js. is called. It is written as embedded in HTML codes.


What are the Most Distinctive Features of Javascript?

1 – It is simple to use and learn.

2 – Best at solving bugs.

3 – Develops and activates websites.

4 – The websites he develops attract the attention of visitors.

5 – Works with HTML/CSS.

6 – It works smoothly.

7 – It is easy to find faults and provide solutions.


What are Javascript Weaknesses?

1 – Js. codes take up too much space.

2 – Not supported by browser of different devices.

3 – It is weak against software threats.

4 – It is not possible to perform important operations with javascript.


What to do with Javascript?

What to do with Javascript? If we need to give an example to the question;

– We can edit HTML pages,

– ensures that web pages have a smooth appearance,

– helps to have a comfortable and dynamic user-oriented website,

– It continues to work until you close the page.

The usage areas of Javascript are quite wide. In the design of a website, games, code generation of browsers, mobile applications, etc. used in many fields.


How Can I Learn Javascript?

What is Javascript? If you think that you have come to a certain stage that you have learned from saying that, now you have to guess how easy coding can be. If you want to learn how to code in javascript programs, there are online courses that provide e-commerce services on the website, you can become a member here and you can improve yourself. The advantages of coding are always high, not limited. If you are a little curious and can say that I can do it, you can easily do this job as a freelance with courses or a guide who can give a reference, you can learn and even transfer what you have learned.


We, as Dijital Gen, have come to the end of the information we will give for today about the javascript they use in their coding. We hope you were interested. See you in our next article;

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