What is Behance?

21 April 2023by dijitalgen0

What is Behance?

Behance is an Adobe company website where creativity and professionalism meet for designers. The website, which initially appealed to areas such as fashion, graphic design, industrial design, later began to appeal to a wider audience with the addition of fields such as digital art, architecture, and engineering projects. On this digital platform, you can both follow professional designers and exhibit your own designs.

This free online application allows designers and users to upload any number of projects to showcase their projects.

One of the most important features of this digital platform is that users and designers can get a lot of information about the formation processes and creators of their work. Behance has also become a favorite with employers lately. Employers review the Behance account of applicants before the job interview and form their opinions before the interview. That’s why you should pay attention when creating a Behance profile.

What can we do on Behance?

You can use it to build your personal portfolio as the main purpose. You can communicate and exchange ideas with designers from other countries and different disciplines. You can have information about the programs by participating in the live broadcasts made together with the recent ones.

Behance links are now preferred instead of pdf documents or files that take up a lot of space. Thus, you can shorten your job search processes.

How Can You Use Behance Efficiently?

First of all, you can upload your creative works to the site. Well presented works are always appreciated and appreciated.

As in every social media, it will be beneficial for you if you are active on Behance and interact with other creators.

3 Reasons to Use Behance

  • It’s free
  • It is a platform built on Web and Graphics.
  • Easy to use

As Dijital Gen, we have come to the end of the information we will give about Behance today. We hope it caught your attention and benefited you. See you in our next article.

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