Dijital Gen is WindyCar’s Solution Partner in Social Media Management

22 April 2023by dijitalgen0

Dijital Gen is WindyCar’s Solution Partner in Social Media Management.


In short, WindyCar;

Koyuncu Group, which has been operating in Turkish automotive retail for more than 50 years, has brought a new wind to the daily rental industry with its half-century experience. WindyCar, proud of being established with 100% Turkish capital, started its activities in 2013. WindyCar offers its customers a combination of economical price and high service quality. Its main goal is to set off its customers safely and to make them feel special. It provides service with its airport and city branches throughout Turkey, and aims to serve its guests in a wider geography with its wide branch network, which it adds new ones every year. The wide vehicle fleet, consisting of low mileage and new model vehicles, offering options from every class, has been designed to meet the high quality expectation in car rental. In addition to the advantages it offers in leasing, WindyCar, which also offers the opportunity to purchase the vehicle rented by its guests, is breaking new ground in its sector in this regard.

Our Mission

It is a corporate, reliable, service company that meets the periodic vehicle needs of its customers with an economical price and quality service approach, sees its employees, business partners and customers as a family and is constantly developing.

Our Vision

To be the most loved and preferred car rental brand, which is perceived by its customers as the most sincere by reflecting the Turkish hospitality.


You can visit WindyCar website (www.windycar.com.tr) for detailed information.

WindyCar preferred Dijital Gen, which attracts attention with its young and dynamic structure, as its solution partner in social media management.


“Together We Are Much Stronger!”


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