What is an Algorithm?

17 February 2023by dijitalgen0

What is an Algorithm?

Algorithm; It is the logical, sequential expression of all the operations needed to solve a problem or problem. In order to carry out an operation on the computer, a planning must be made and all the steps necessary for this planning must be determined. The terminological expression of this planning is the algorithm. The concept of algorithm includes programming as well as software development, activities in daily life, mathematics, etc. It provides the opportunity to solve the problems encountered in the lessons more easily.

The answer to the question “What is an algorithm?” is a very curious subject. The reason for this is that the algorithm has the effect of preventing chaos and making things easier. This issue, which generally seems complex, is also one of the indispensable systems on the computer.

The algorithm developed for the solution of a problem;


consists of steps.

Why is the Algorithm Necessary?

The reason for the existence of the algorithm is problem and problem solving. In programming, it allows the computer to solve the problems it encounters in the same way that humans solve it. In order for the algorithm to be successful, all the possibilities that may be encountered must be stated without overlook, and it is important that these possibilities are clear so that they are not left to chance.

How is the Algorithm Prepared?

While preparing the algorithm;

First, the problem to be solved is clarified.
This problem is thoroughly examined and all possibilities are investigated in detail.
In this process, the aim is to reach a solution in minimum time with minimum command.
Each action to be performed is given a number.
All data that may be needed to solve the problem are entered.
The actions to be taken are indicated.
Finally, the results found are displayed and stored somewhere.

In order for the prepared algorithm to yield successful results;

  • All details should be explained in order.
  • All processing steps must be suitable for the update.
  • It should be suitable for program writing.
  • It can work independently of any programming language.

When the items are applied, the program runs smoothly and its control is ensured. At the same time, many operators are used while preparing the algorithm. The operators are as follows;

  • Mathematical Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • Logical Operation Operators
  • Alphanumeric Operators
  • General Transaction Operators
  • Cluster Operation Operators

What is a Flow Chart?

Flow chart; It is a diagram that shows the processing steps of computer programs with geometric shapes.

Another definition is; is the creation of algorithms with visual elements. One or a group of operations specified in the algorithm step is expressed by a geometric figure. These shapes are standardized.

The flowchart provides a visualization that provides a much better understanding of the steps required to complete a job.

Bars and arrows show the program’s flow direction and the link between processes. For some processes, general shapes or special shapes of that process can be used.

As Dijital Gen, we have come to the end of the information we will give today about the Algorithm. We hope it caught your attention and benefited you. See you in our next article.

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