What are the Reasons to Use a Special Filter for Your Brand?

11 August 2023by dijitalgen0

What are the Reasons to Use a Special Filter for Your Brand?


Introduce your brand to this innovation at the heart of digital transformation!


What are the reasons for your brand to start using Instagram filters?


  • Your Campaign Spreads by Word of Mouth (WOM).

Instagram AR Filters allow you to find new and creative ways to connect your brand with your consumer. For mass consumer brands, it becomes very difficult to customize content for each individual, as they target a large population.

Filters designed with Instagram AR Studio create a space for consumers to create their own content. As your consumer gets the opportunity to create their own content with the filter we designed for your brand, they have a more free space to share it. In this way, as the filters are tried and shared, they create interaction and as the same amount of interaction is created, the Instagram algorithm makes your filter more visible. For this reason, since the filters created with Instagram Spark AR allow users to personalize the content, the opportunity for your brand’s voice to reach wider audiences will be created. In addition, you may have made your filter visible to the masses without making any payment after your filter is published.

  • Your Unique Sticker

Knowing that the filter created exclusively for your brand will not have another example to represent your brand or campaign will add value to the message you want to give with this filter and your brand. In other words, the filter we will create is completely personal and specific to your brand and can add a separate value to your brand.

  • Brand Building

While designing your filter, you get the chance to add customizations specific to your brand as you wish. In other words, while running your campaign, you can meet all your needs in a single filter without the need for cost for your brand.

  • User Interaction

Thanks to the interesting filters we have designed for you, as it is open to everyone, not just your followers, your organic followers will increase as users try and share your filter. As your users share the filters we designed for your brand on their own profiles, they can be easily tried by other users thanks to the link on the filters, and thus, your interaction rate will increase at the same rate as users share your filters. Since your brand profile will be visible in the content shared using the filter, your filter will meet more users as you share it.

  • Memorability with Games and Animations

Considering the message you want to convey in your campaigns, it is made more interesting by the users by using the gamification feature in the filters. An effective user experience enables users to prefer that digital product or channel more. When we gamify this message in your filter, which we will design according to your brand’s needs, you not only create an interactive interaction and make a difference, but also naturally increase the rate of retention. Spark Ar Filters offer a powerful domain for businesses and provide pinpoint access to the right person at the right time. For this reason, brands have already invested in this innovation and started using Instagram AR Filters in their campaigns.

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