The Starting Point of the Virtual Universe

18 August 2023by dijitalgen0

The Starting Point of the Virtual Universe


World-wide advanced technological developments have enabled us to experience more applications in the field of science and art and to find new technical possibilities. Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the most frequently mentioned technological developments in recent times.

Augmented Reality is a new perception environment created by combining elements that can be produced by computer (sound, video, graphics or GPS data) with emotional input and animated elements in a physical and real world environment. With augmented reality, the data that activates the human senses are modified and enriched with the computer, and the new reality that emerges is presented to the user’s perception.

Investments that bring the virtual and the real together

Although Augmented Reality is not yet sufficiently involved in the flow of daily life in the current system, it is possible to say that it will cause major changes in the way companies make decisions and do business in the future.

Industrial design, packaging and marketing, spatial interaction, innovative products,

It shows that Augmented Reality will be the main usage areas. It is seen that the usage rate of Augmented Reality on mobile devices has increased and this increase will continue to increase rapidly. In this sense, Apple and Google continue to develop software for the use of AR.

The exploration for Augmented Reality continues

Software and technology company Dijital Gen Founder Sercan Kasım said, “I am very happy that technology has developed so much that everyone, regardless of age, is talking about virtual worlds like Metaverse. There is no doubt that Augmented Reality will not fall off the agenda for many years. However, I think that a serious investment should be made in the existing infrastructures that we use in order to talk about the virtual world in the full sense. Emphasizing that the leading companies with investment opportunities can progress rapidly, Kasım added, “Augmented Reality will change our daily lives if solutions are offered on key issues such as continuous use and fast data communication.”

Stating that the introduction of 6G technology into our lives is important in this sense, Kasım said, “I believe that 6G will enter our lives faster with technological investments such as Metaverse.”


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