Technology Combining Reality with Virtual: VR

28 July 2023by dijitalgen0

Technology Combining Reality with Virtual: VR

VR (Virtual Reality), which has been in our lives for years, has become more accessible with the decrease in cost with technological developments. We can say that wearable technologies that we encounter in many different fields, especially in industrial production and entertainment sector, are the known face of VR technology.

VR Technology in Industrial Production

Virtual reality, which offers new production techniques, current working styles, efficiency and opportunities offered by developing technology, will further change the course of growth in the industrial field. With this revolution in the industry with VR Technology, virtual reality applications will stand by the factory workers to meet their needs. Today, factory owners, who do not want to stay behind these developments, have already started to provide their employees with the necessary training on VR Technologies!

It is possible to say that virtual reality technology has also found its place in construction projects. In line with the possibilities offered by VR Technology, the projects that the architects have drawn are digitized and transferred to the digital environment, so that the second user can be interacted with in the virtual environment. Thus, users are able to view the model in real environment.

VR Technology for Kids

Aiming to present its software and technology works in a way that will contribute to everyone, from young to old, by 2022, Dijital Gen will implement the “Future for Children” project, where children can get to know VR technology closely. Stating that they have started working on the project, Dijital Gen founder Sercan Kasım said, “We believe that accessible technology is very valuable for everyone on this path we set out with the motto of Discover the Digital in Your Genes. With our “Future for Children” project, our young friends studying in primary and secondary schools will have the opportunity to get to know and experience software, 3D Hologram technology, VR technology and AR technology closely.”

Adding that he has no doubt that virtual reality technology will be widely used in education, production and many sectors in the future, Sercan Kasım says, “We are very happy to inform and raise awareness of future industry professionals about software technologies.”

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