Digital Solutions That Make Brands’ Business Life Easier

26 July 2023by dijitalgen0

Digital Solutions That Make Brands’ Business Life Easier


The domestic software and technology company, Dijital Gen, continues to offer products and services that make the business life of brands easier. Stating that they have supported the digitalization efforts of brands with the projects they have developed since its establishment, the Founder of Dijital Gen, Sercan Kasım said, “Today, digital transformation is an important criterion for institutions to make a name for themselves in the international arena. Turkey’s rapidly growing software and technology brand Dijtial Gen aims to open up to the world in the future with 360-degree digitalization solutions it offers to corporations.” says.


Dijital Gen, which offers international software solutions, continues to develop its applications that make business life easier. Digital Gen, which has become the choice of Turkey’s leading brands by moving forward with fast and sure steps, aims to carry its experience in software to the global.


Turkey’s leading brands prefer Dijital Gen products

Stating that digital transformation and new generation digital approaches will mark the near future, Dijital Gen Founder Sercan Kasım said, “As Turkey’s domestic brand, we have made rapid progress for the steps we will take to the global. The strategic software services we have developed are striking solutions that contribute to the digital transformation of domestic and foreign brands.” said.

Emphasizing that they have made rapid progress in a short time, Kasım said, “We continue to invest in our software products that will support the digital transformation of our customers, regardless of product or service.” says.

Dijital Gen, one of the rapidly growing software and technology brands in Turkey

Stating that they aim to expand rapidly in a short time with their local investments, Sercan Kasım said, “As Dijital Gen, which has recently opened its doors to the global with its work in the Middle East Countries, we are sure that we will make a name for ourselves in our international work. We aim to be one of the leading companies that offer 360-degree digital transformation services to brands working in Europe and America.” said.

About Dijital Gene

Dijital Gen, which was established in Istanbul with the pandemic, offers technological solutions that make business life easier in the field of software. Dijital Gen, which accelerates the digital transformation of domestic and foreign brands and takes firm steps forward with the projects it has developed, provides 360-degree Digital Transformation service with the motto of “Discover the Digital in Your Genius”.


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