Technology Bringing the Internet to Space

21 July 2023by dijitalgen0

Technology Bringing the Internet to Space


While only 30% of the world’s countries can use 5G, it’s time for 6G.


What is 6G?

6G is an upgrade of 5G cellular technology, 6G networks will be able to provide significantly higher throughput and much lower latency.

Is it Possible to Use 6G?

There are at least 20,000 patent applications related to 6G alone. However, 6G is still in the experimental phase.


What is the Difference from 5G?

By using higher frequency radio bands, 6G promises higher speeds and less latency.

6G is expected to support data rates of 1 terebyte per second. Access points will be able to serve more than one processor at the same time through orthogonal frequency divisions multiple access.


Why is 6G Necessary?

Internet data consumption is at an all-time high. For applications like crypto mining or the upcoming internet of things, people will experience shorter delays.


Sectors to be Directly Affected by 6G

-Artificial intelligence

-Unmanned aerial vehicles

-Wireless power current

-Optical wireless communication

-Low latency satellite communication


When Will 6G Coming?

6G internet is expected to be commercially available in 2030. Turkey will be included in these studies.


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