Arslanlar has Preferred Dijital Gen as a Solution Partner in Automotive Web Design and Software! 

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Arslanlar has Preferred Dijital Gen as a Solution Partner in Automotive Web Design and Software!


In short, Arslans Automotive,

The family business, founded by Şevket Arslan in Çan district of Çanakkale in 1935, started with the grain and grocery trade. Later, the business also turned to the trade of texting, groceries, electronics, white goods, tires, feed and durable consumer goods. To business life 2. generation Ramazan Arslan and 3. the family, which continues together with its generation sons, started its commercial activities on January 3, 1985 at the Arslanlar Trade and Industry Coll. Şti. he began to carry on under the name. The company, which entered the automotive sector in 1987 together with Otoyol Iveco, Tofaş, TurkFiat Tractor, Magirus and Peugeot minibus franchises, received the Ford brand franchise in 1989.

Later, Arslanlar Otomotiv San, which was headquartered in Çanakkale on 03.01.1997, so that all services could be provided under one roof. and tic.A.Sh. it was established and it was decided to make a facility suitable only for Ford dealership by exiting from dealerships other than Ford. the facility completed at the end of 1997, sales, service, spare parts, 2.it was opened to service in 1998 with a Decked area of 4000m2 and an open area of 2000m2 where manual and insurance works can be carried out together.

Arslanlar Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A., which is a family company.Sh. at the same time, Arslanlar Insurance Brokerage Services Ltd.With Sti insurance, Lions Coll.Şti. it continues to trade Durable Consumer Goods with.

The Goals of Arslans Automotive

The goal of Arslanlar Otomotiv is to meet the expectations of its customers with a Total Understanding of Quality, ensure customer loyalty, become a leader in the Sunday by keeping the Ford brand and image high in its regions, and constantly improve the company’s service quality together with its employees.

To get detailed information about Arslanlar Automotive (https://www.ford-arslanlar-canakkale.com /) you can visit the website.

Arslanlar preferred Dijital Gen, which attracts attention with its young and dynamic structure in Automotive Web Design and Software, as a solution partner.

“We Are Stronger Together.”

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