Digital Gen has become ATM Group’s Solution Partner in Digital Transformation.

2 June 2023by dijitalgen0

Digital Gen has become ATM Group’s Solution Partner in Digital Transformation.

Briefly, ATM Group;

Atm Group of Companies has started to serve in the automotive and insurance sector, which is the main field of activity since 1989. In this framework, the authorized dealership, which started with Suzuki Authorized Dealership under the leadership of Ayhan Soysal, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, continued with Citroen and Opel Authorized dealerships in the process, and for more than 20 years, Hyundai and Nissan authorized dealerships of the world’s most distinguished brands in Thrace have been established in a total closed area of 12.000 m2. and provides services in an open area of 10.000 m2…

ATM Group Vision and Mission; It is to create value in the sectors we are in, based on knowledge and technology, which is self-renewing with its dynamic structure at every moment, and to present this value to our customers and other stakeholders.

ATM Group Values; “Respect for people, Respect for the Environment, Open communication, Sharing, Being inquisitive, Marketing orientation, Reliability, Participation, Continuous improvement, Behaving ethically, Consistency, Innovation, Customer orientation, Social Responsibility”.

Hyundai Plaza
HYUNDAI ATMAŞ PLAZA has taken its place in the automotive sector as the dealer of Hyundai, which is the leading brand of the automobile industry. Our goal is; To increase the quality of sales and service of Hyundai A.Ş., which started sales in 1992 and production in 1997 in Turkey. HYUNDAI ATMAŞ PLAZA has become Hyundai’s most demanded car dealership in Çorlu, Tekirdağ. Our vision as HYUNDAI ATMAŞ PLAZA, the dealer of Hyundai Turkey A.Ş. to ensure that the satisfaction is permanent, to present the innovations to you without delay. We are aware that the automobile industry we serve is a competitive market. Here we aim to make you our permanent customers, not until a new campaign.
Located in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ province, HYUNDAI ATMAŞ PLAZA continues to serve with its friendly staff and spacious showroom.

Nissan Plaza
Our Atm Nissan Plaza, which started to serve in 2005, continues to serve in the fields of Sales-Service-Y.Parts in our 4S Plaza as the Thrace Region Authorized Dealer of Nissan Motor Company, the most important Japanese brand in the world’s luxury segment.

ATM Construction

Atm Group’s construction business started in the 1990s. While constructing all its plazas through its own construction company and team, it also built and sold housing and business centers to be delivered to the final consumer.

ATM Information Inc.

In addition to being the distributor of Korean Daewoo Computer in Turkey, he has also been the distributor of Diamond products. Atm Airforce Motorcycle & Scooter has been the Turkey distributor of Airforce branded Motorcycles since 1998.

ATM Group, by choosing Digital Gen, which attracts attention with its young and dynamic structure in its digital transformation, as a solution partner; It will run with Digital Gen as 360, primarily software infrastructure.

Digital Gen has made this choice in its social media accounts, “Together We Are Much Stronger!” announced with the slogan.

You can visit ATM Group’s websites (http://www.atmgrup.net/) to examine and get detailed information about their products.

“Together We Are Much Stronger!”

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