Ayaksa’s Solution Partner in Digital Transformation Became Dijital Gen.

13 May 2023by dijitalgen0

Ayaksa’s Solution Partner in Digital Transformation Became Dijital Gen.


In short, Ayaksa;

Ayaksa.com was established in 2009 by a pharmacist and an economist to provide foot health and care services. HBF Foot Health and Autumn in Ataköy as the central point. It continues its activities as Hizm.Ltd.Şti. Ayaksa.com, which has been providing service with the foot health cabins it has established at different points in the sector, private hospitals and university hospitals since 2009, continues to serve its customers in Ataköy AVM as a single point since 2015. Ayaksa.com, which has been the Turkey distributor of the foot health products they bought from Germany since 2013, has established an e-commerce site since May 2017 in order to reach the end consumer of the products. Developed as Ayaksa.com, this e-commerce site offers foot health products as well as skin care products, body care products, nail care products, lip care products, oral and dental health products, orthopedic silicone support materials, orthopedic insoles, also a German brand. Birkenstock sells slippers and shoes. Ayaksa.com, which has been serving as the sole authorized dealer of CAMİLLEN 60 products in Turkey in foot health products since 2013, has been serving as the Turkey representative of skin care brand YOYO, nail care brand ADEN, lip care brand HYDRACOLOUR since 2017. Ayaksa. All products within the scope of com are approved by the Ministry of Health.

The health of our feet, which are the movement and walking organs of our body, is important both for the health of our daily movement and for many other activities and health of our body. It is a brand that works to do its job best and increases its service quality by following all kinds of innovations with its options for maintenance and troubleshooting that improve problems. Ayaksa.com, which proceeds with the diagnosis and guidance of doctors regarding the field it covers, works with Dermatologists, Physical Therapy Physicians, Endocrinologists, Cardiovascular Surgeons, Orthopedists, General Surgery Physicians, and Hemodialysis Physicians.


You can visit the website (https://ayaksa.com/tr) to examine and get detailed information about the Ayaksa website.

Ayaksa preferred Dijital Gen, which draws attention with its young and dynamic structure, as its solution partner in digital transformation.


“Together We Are Much Stronger!”


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