What is Bootstrap?

19 May 2023by dijitalgen0

Bootstrap What is it?

Bootstrap is a huge collection of useful, reusable pieces of code written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Bootstrap, a free CSS framework, is an open source design tool. You can easily create different themes and designs for phones, tablets and desktop computers that make your site appear in proportion to the size of your device. Bootstrap contains all the elements necessary for a site. By using these ready-made elements, you can make designs compatible with every device. Styles, images and JavaScripts were added to Bootstrap before. All you have to do is call them. The latest version of Bootstrap works in almost every browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera.


Why Bootstrap?

1-Bootstrap Provides Responsive Structure

Bootstrap has its own useful grid system. Thus, you will only have to focus on your content.

2-Bootstrap Provides Responsive Images

Bootstrap comes with its own code to resize images automatically based on screen size. You can even change the shape of your images with the addition of classes such as img-circle and img-round.

3-Bootstrap Contains Useful Components

Bootstrap comes with a number of features that you can easily paste into your web page.

  • navigation bars
  • dropdowns
  • progress bars
  • Thumbnails
    .. and more.

4-Bootstrap Provides Strong Documentation Support

Bootstrap’s documentation support is very successful. Every piece of code is clearly defined and explained on their website. All you have to do is select a component, copy and paste the code into your page and modify it from there.

5-Bootstrap Has a Large Community

Being hosted on GitHub makes it easy for developers to modify and contribute to Bootstrap’s codebase. It also makes it easier for people to collaborate, make recommendations, and interact with peers and other users.

Bootstrap has an active Twitter page, a Bootstrap blog, and even a dedicated Slack room. And this includes developers who want to help technical problems on Stack Overflow, where all questions can be found under the bootstrap-4 tag.


6-Bootstrap Provides Theme Support

People started to create Bootstrap-based templates to further speed up the web development process. You can use many websites to share or purchase custom Bootstrap-based templates.

As Dijital Gen, we have come to the end of the information we will give about Bootstrap. See you in our next article.


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