What is B2B?

3 April 2023by dijitalgen0

What is B2?

The English equivalent of B2B is the abbreviation of “Business to Business”. In the B2B business model, which we can translate into Turkish as Business to Business, companies do not reach consumers directly, but companies that make retail sales and purchase bulk products. For this reason, this business model is called business-to-business.
B2B (Business to Business) is a web-based e-commerce system that allows one business to sell its goods and services to another business. With this software integration, while this integration and automation processes of companies are provided, suppliers, partners and customers can perform their transactions on the internet. The size of businesses engaged in B2B e-commerce may vary. It can be a one-man service provider or a large-scale holding.

B2B Products

– Product Based B2B
In this type of B2B, trade is made through the purchase and sale of physical products. All physical products fall under this category.
– Service Based B2B
In this type, instead of physical products, there are service-oriented service products that produce solutions for the relevant company.
– Software Based B2B
In this business model, software solutions are offered directly to the needs of companies.

B2B Advantages
– It becomes easier to introduce products to the market and to follow up
– Reduced bureaucratic processes.
– Provides the advantage of obtaining wider options and preferences in supplier selection.
– It provides the opportunity to receive and evaluate customer demands more quickly.
– Purchasing costs are reduced.
– Increases customer satisfaction.
– Efficiency within the company and the control and supervision of works increase efficiency.
– Inventory tracking becomes easier and stock turnover rate increases. Suppliers can also adjust themselves better according to your stock situation and act more harmoniously according to your business process.
– Increases productivity within the company.
– Provides the advantage of obtaining wider options and preferences in supplier selection.

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