What is Adobe XD?

3 May 2023by dijitalgen

What is Adobe XD?

It is an adobe program that you can easily prepare web and mobile interface designs. It can run on platforms such as Windows, MacOs. A long time ago, designers were preparing web and mobile interface design examples with Photoshop, one of Adobe’s programs. However, photoshop was not a useful program for this, so adobe company prepared Adobe XD (Experience Design), which also means web and mobile design-based experience design, for designers in 2016.


What Does Adobe XD Do?

It is a vector based program. It provides prototype opportunities for web or mobile designs that you will create or design.


Adobe XD Features ?

  • Prototype
  • Sound
  • animations
  • symbols
  • responsive
  • UI Kits
  • Element duplication
  • Ability to integrate with Adobe Suite

What are the Adobe XD Advantages?

  • It has a simple to understand interface.
  • While the program is running, it runs the ram amount to a minimum.
  • It is vector based. It is like Adobe Illustrator. In this way, it is easier to take images.
  • There are layers like Photoshop, so designs are made from layer screens.

What’s the Difference Between Sketch and Adobe XD?

  • The working structure of Sketch and Adobe XD is the same.
  • Sketch has MacOS operating system.
  • XD is suitable for every operating system.

What are Programs Similar to Adobe XD?

  • Sketch
  • figma
  • InVision

Is Adobe XD Paid?

As with all adobe programs, the XD program is paid. It is a program that requires a Creative Cloud subscription. After the subscription is completed, you can access the application and design.

As Dijital Gen, we have come to the end of the information we will give about Adobe XD today. We hope it caught your attention and benefited you. See you in our next article.