Trend Yapı Prefabrik is now in the Interactive Catalogue

3 May 2023by dijitalgen0

Trend Yapı Prefabrik is now in the Interactive Catalogue


The new favorite of the brands is the interactive catatog. Trend Prefabrik has been operating since 1999 with its expert staff in many prefabricated structures such as residences, schools, construction sites, offices and living containers with superior quality and standards, its 20,000 m² Factory in Kocaeli Gebze and its 3,500 m² showroom in Tuzla, Istanbul. , with its high quality production infrastructure, material quality and devoted work, serves both at home and abroad. Trend Yapı Prefabrik, whose primary aim is customer satisfaction, offers quality, modern, reliable and creative designs with innovative ideas to its customers.


Contact us for an interactive catalog where you can promote your brand-specific products, services or social media accounts.


To review the Trend Prefabrik interactive catalog: https://trendyapiprefabrik.yourdigitalcatalog.com/

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