What is a Digital Catalog?

17 February 2023by dijitalgen0

What is a Digital Catalog?


With the digitalizing world, digital networks have developed a lot. Many institutions have started to take place in digital channels by transforming their information into corporate identities. Thousands of applications and tools transferred to the electronic environment have made it easier for institutions to reach target audiences.

Digital Catalog is an effective marketing tool widely used by institutions in electronic environment. It is more advantageous than the printed catalog in terms of both cost and accessibility. You can open your digital catalog without connecting to any program. With its easy-to-use facility, you can easily examine it and provide the convenience of accessing the product you want.

Digital catalogs can also be used comfortably on smart phones. In addition to the possibility of access from each device, the absence of wear or deterioration is very important in terms of both cost and corporate identities of the institutions.


Why Should We Prefer Digital Catalog?


The printed catalog has a disadvantageous feature compared to the digital catalog in terms of both production and delivery to the target audience. Problems that may occur at the time of printing in the printed catalog are not valid for the digital catalog. Unlike the printed catalogue, the colors of the digital catalog are very vivid and of high quality. In addition to a limited image palette, the digital catalog offers you an unlimited image reservoir.

It is open to update as an advantage of being in a digital environment. This allows you to access other people in an uninterrupted way whenever you want to make any changes. Although the printing cost is low, it provides faster access to potential customers. Unlike the printed catalogue, digital catalogs are permanent.

You don’t have to lose any links or email addresses you share with your customers. This will provide you with the convenience of transportation whenever you want and in the way you want. Since digital catalogs are available in PDF formats, they can be easily sent over the internet.


What Should Be Considered While Preparing a Digital Catalog?


Even a small detail sets you apart from your competitors. You can easily attract the attention of your target audience with designs suitable for your corporate identity. So what should we pay attention to when preparing a digital catalog?

The designs you create should be simple and understandable.
Use the color choices you use in your design in favor of contrasting colors.
The harmony of images and texts with each other is very important. It should not be overwhelmed with too much text, but it should not consist of too little text either.
The font you use for the text is another factor that needs attention.

Digital catalogs have gradually replaced printed catalogues. The digital catalog, which is quite advantageous, has attracted the attention of institutions in every respect. The digital catalog you create allows you to reach target audiences easily and to market your products at low cost.


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