Common Misconceptions About SEO

16 February 2023by dijitalgen0

Common Misconceptions About SEO

You can see that there is a lot of information circulating about SEO work on the internet. However, the accuracy of this information often leaves readers in doubt. This is because there are many misconceptions about SEO and this creates confusion. In fact, the main reason for the confusion is that SEO is constantly evolving and its dynamics are changing. In this article, we explain the correct known mistakes for SEO and share up-to-date information for you.

1) To do SEO work once or for a certain period of time

One of the biggest mistakes about SEO is thinking that it will be enough to do the work once or for a certain period of time. When starting SEO studies, content planning should be planned correctly in the short and long term. This is because the shortcomings and needs of websites differ.

SEO studies should start with the correct planning of the current deficiencies and needs of the website by making a website analysis. As each website may be different, factors such as the dynamics of each sector, the number of competitors or the authority of competitors vary. For this reason, taking the same actions for each website and advancing in line with a single plan is the biggest obstacle to the success of SEO studies.

2) Repeating keywords

Keywords, phrases and titles in the page content are very important for Google to recognize and categorize the website correctly. These elements should be properly integrated into the page content and should show parallelism with the content. However, erroneous approaches that say that Google will be more effective in promoting the page recommend filling the page with repetitive unnecessary keywords. This approach is completely wrong and causes Google to lower the website score.

3) Seeing SEO work alone as sufficient

One of the purposes of SEO studies is to increase visibility while at the same time ensuring that brands reach a certain level of awareness. It is wrong to see SEO studies alone as sufficient to achieve this brand awareness.

For this reason, other marketing channels should be utilized and studies should be carried out simultaneously. For example, it should be determined on which social media platform the target audience is predominantly and marketing activities should be carried out on the relevant platform.

4) Having site designs that are not mobile compatible

Today, users visit websites mostly on mobile. For this reason, websites that are not mobile-friendly suffer from loss of visitors.

5) Not giving due importance to site speed

In order for the content to attract attention and increase website traffic, site speed should be given due importance and speed optimization should be done regularly. Google attaches great importance to this issue and sees low-speed websites as a waste of time for users.


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