What is a Cogram?

23 February 2023by dijitalgen0

What is a Cogram?


Team meetings are easier than ever with Cogram. It takes automatic notes in the virtual meeting and identifies action items while keeping your appointment private and secure. It uses state-of-the-art AI to create high-quality minutes, identify action items, and summarize your meetings. Using Cogram is incredibly easy and requires no installation. Simply schedule Cogram to join meetings with one click from your calendar or the Cogram web platform.

Advantages of Cogram;

  • You can view transcripts and action items in real time.
  • ‍Meeting summaries and export are available within seconds of your meeting.
  • Cogram works where you meet and integrates with your CRM.
  • Don’t waste time writing notes and action items, focus on understanding your prospect or client.
  • Cogramtracks action items, summarizes your meetings, and syncs important information to your CRM, saving you hours each week.
  • Meeting notes and summaries improve information sharing across your company. Fewer, smaller meetings;
  • Less tracking ensures higher productivity.
  • It’s well suited for writing, summarizing and extracting important information from long recordings such as earnings calls, webinars or public hearings.

Cogram, which has the feature of taking notes automatically while you are in a meeting, offers many other advantages to its users. Thus, it enables information sharing throughout the company with the notes it takes automatically.


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