Interactive Advertising Spaces Preferred by Corporate Brands

8 September 2023by dijitalgen0

Interactive Advertising Spaces Preferred by Corporate Brands


The New Favorite of Corporate Brands Interactive Advertising Spaces


For full digitalization, brands started to look for different ways to bring their products to the consumer. One of the gains of full digitalization has, of course, been the work on the sustainability of resources.


As a result of this search; Many interactive applications such as interactive showcase, interactive video wall, interactive presentation table and interactive catalog were developed. It is possible to say that these applications, which facilitate promotion in digital channels by preserving the brand image, rival the preferred advertising channels today.


Why Interactive Products


Thanks to the presentations made using interactive applications, the target audience can easily view, share and buy your products. Moreover, it is possible to increase the traffic of your redirected website thanks to interactive products, which are considered as a new generation marketing method and attract great attention.


Interactive Catalog Special for Corporate Brands by Dijital Gen


Dijital Gen continues to make a name for itself with its work on software and technology products. Stating that he has expanded his customer portfolio in a short time with 3D Led Technology, Hologram and Artificial Intelligence products, Dijital Gen Founder Sercan Kasım said, “Interactive Catalog, one of the software we prepared specifically for brands, was highly appreciated by users. Brands should always focus on improving their business processes by making their work interactive.”


Emphasizing the importance of full digitalization for companies, Kasım said, “Throughout my working life, I have worked for brands to guide their representation in digital channels in the best way possible. The Interactive Catalog, which does not raise doubts about its sustainability, has the opportunity to be represented 24/7 and offers the opportunity to make a difference visually, is one of them,” he added.


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