Future Gaming Software

22 February 2023by dijitalgen

Future Gaming Software

The game industry, which has gained momentum as of 2020 and continues on its way with the same momentum, needs the best employees in order to continue its development. The sector is one of the sectors that need to create its own employment area.

Someone who is interested in game software must first improve himself in project management and have a command of the system. The games are built and written on standards-based foundations apart from classical software. This eliminates ethnicity or cultural differences and provides a wide network of software teams.

With the high-priced sales in the past years, Turkey had a lot of talk about itself. Turkey has proven to be a huge market with its rising graphic in the game industry. We think that this growth will grow without slowing down and the investments of small and medium-sized companies in games will increase this year.

Although the Z generation will determine the awareness of the gaming industry in the future, the growth chart of online games, which started as of 2018, continues to increase rapidly.

We can say that the interest in VR Games will accelerate by the end of 2021, and online games will continue on their way without slowing down.

As the Dijital Gen team, we are happy to announce that we will enter the Gaming industry for the last quarter of 2021. We have taken into our plan the two games that we have created the infrastructure of at the moment and we have created the business plans. Let’s keep the content of our games that we want to take place in the markets as a mobile application by 2022.