Yiğit Group’s Solution Partner Choice in Dijital Transformation, Dijital Gen!

7 April 2023by dijitalgen0

Yiğit Group’s Solution Partner Choice in Dijital Transformation, Dijital Gen!

In short, Yiğit Group;

Yiğit Group started its activities in the plastics manufacturing industry and accessories sector in 1981, turned to wholesale marketing activities in the field of auto accessories in 1987 and continues with the 2nd generation today with more than 1000 dealers throughout Turkey. It continues to direct the sector with its experience in auto accessories and over a thousand dealers. Yiğit Oto has decided to sell wholesale accessories and export abroad as of 2021 and continues to work.

The company was institutionalized in 1995 by taking the name of “Yiğit Automotive”; It sells accessories – tuning, maintenance products, tires and wheels, interior accessories, exterior accessories, sound systems, electronic products under the registered trademark of Kingstar Turkey.

Yigit Group Mission; In line with the needs of our valued customers in the automotive accessory sector and the principle we offer with our registered brand called Kingstar Turkey, to provide superior service in the most efficient way before and after sales.

Yigit Group Vision; Our constant pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our company in the auto accessories industry and for our registered brand, Kingstar Turkey, will make us an appreciated company.

Kingstar Turkey Distributor

Kingstar Turkey; It is a registered brand that includes sound systems, maintenance products, all kinds of vehicle interior accessories and vehicle exterior accessories, tuning and modification accessories, and serves more than 800 dealers through a team of 20 people. Before being distributed to the market, Kingstar Turkey products enter the quality control process and are tested. Kingstar Turkey, which we deliver to every corner of Turkey and which is especially popular with led xenons in the auto accessory tuning industry, is a well-known brand in the country. It has become one of the trend sellers in its field, especially in terms of price performance, one of the biggest sources of pride of the company is the positive feedback they receive from all over our country.

Yiğit Group, by choosing Dijital Gen, which attracts attention with its young and dynamic structure in its digital transformation, as its solution partner; It operates with Dijital Gen as 360, primarily software infrastructure.

Dijital Gen has made this choice in its social media accounts, “Together We Are Much Stronger!” announced with the slogan.

You can visit the websites of Yiğit Group (https://www.yigitoto.com) to examine and get detailed information about its products.

“Together We Are Much Stronger!”

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