Why Should You Have a Website?

19 April 2023by dijitalgen0

Why Should You Have a Website?

Why should you have a website? What are the requirements to own? We will answer many questions such as: First of all, digital platforms such as the internet, which is a world of opportunity for companies, are very important. In order to benefit from such platforms, your company must have a website suitable for its purpose. You need to open a website in order to globalize your company or company, increase its prestige, have better potential and reach customers. What should I pay attention to when opening a website? How can I open a website? What should be on my website? Let’s find answers together to questions that will confuse you.

When opening a website, it is necessary to adapt the work done by your company on the website in an appropriate way. It plays an important role in increasing the awareness of your company. For this reason, a good website and design plays an important role for all companies, big or small.


How to Have a Good Website and Design?

1 – You should have a logo that reflects the relevance of your company for its purpose.

2 – It should be ethical in terms of visual and aesthetics.

3 – It should not strain the eyes too much, it should be suitable for its purpose.

4- You need to briefly summarize your company.

5 – You can have SEO studies. Increases accessibility.

6- You can create about us sections and add information such as contact and references to your website.

7- In these years of increasing digitalization, the mobile compatibility of your website is also of great importance.

8- Internet advertising plans should be made.

9 – Be reliable. One of the most noticeable features by customers is always the feeling of trust.

10- It should look professional.

11 – You can share your services and increase interaction.

12 – You need to add social media (Instagram, Linkledin, Facebook, Twitter) links.

Have you ever wondered when the first website was established in these years, which is used by millions of people around the world and a completely digital age awaits us in the future? I want to give you a little information about it. The first website was created in 1990 by Tim Berners – Lee. It was created with the HTML language. It has been exactly 31 years since it was created. It forms the infrastructure of all websites that have been established and are being established to date.

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