Understanding the data will be easier with Artificial Intelligence!

13 September 2023by dijitalgen0

Understanding Data Will Be Easier With Artificial Intelligence!

Thanks to its algorithms developing with increasing data volumes, Artificial Intelligence is an artificial system that performs human-like tasks. It makes predictions based on parameters in the available data. He takes action in this direction and becomes more experienced by analyzing his mistakes. It processes new information extremely quickly and accurately.

Artificial Intelligence also adds intelligence to already used products. With its repetitive learning structure, it provides the best and most accurate perception of data while improving its current algorithm. It provides programming of data with progressive learning way and analysis of data becomes easier. Making it easier to understand data always puts you ahead in your business.

Security Control Possible with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, which transforms all business areas, leaves security to new AI-based systems in order to support functionality, as in every area.

Thanks to the systems consisting of cameras, sensors and control panel devices supported by artificial intelligence, it detects and evaluates hundreds of images at the same time, preventing possible accident risks and taking precautions. Thus, thanks to the artificial intelligence supported camera and control systems installed, the safety of life and property is protected in areas such as factories, gas stations and construction sites.

Prevent work accidents with artificial intelligence

41% of occupational accidents occur in production and factory areas. According to reviews, the biggest neglect stems from unsafe acts and careless work. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) states that about 70% of occupational accidents could be prevented if companies implemented stricter policies.

Stating that they want to make the software accessible to all businesses, regardless of small or large, Dijital Gen Founder Sercan Kasım said, “Since the day we were founded, we have been working on projects where we can benefit from artificial intelligence technology. Institutions with high awareness have great support for our work on this issue. It is difficult for us to change the perspective of organizations with limited resources on our artificial intelligence projects.” said.


“The projects we have developed are for human security”

Stating that they focus on human health and safety in the Artificial Intelligence projects they carry out, Kasım, “Dijital Gen, which provides services such as smoke detection, fire detection, suspicious behavior detection, lost property control, aims to reach you to the goal in occupational safety and brand reliability by preventing possible occupational accidents and negligence. ” says.

Prevent unwanted accidents and ensure safety with artificial intelligence supported camera systems. You are in control with the artificial intelligence in your camera!


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