Popular Technologies in 2022

27 October 2023by dijitalgen0

Popular Technologies in 2022


The winds of digital transformation, which started to blow all over the world with the pandemic process, make us feel the impact of new technological developments more and more today. Technologies that come to the fore in 2022 are among the topics we talk about the most today. Let’s take a closer look at the technology trends that are gaining importance all over the world.




The concept of Metaverse, which has a great impact in the world, is perhaps one of the most talked about topics in 2022. This concept, which took place in a science fiction novel at the time, consists of the words meta (beyond) and universe as we know it. This concept, which opens the doors of a virtual world to us, has become the focus of attention of everyone who wants to take a break from reality for a while and travel to fictional universes. From meeting friends in our daily lives to shopping, from our working life to our creation processes, every activity can be held in Metaverse. During this whole process, a large audience, from businesses to famous brands, started to invest in Metaverse. Famous brands have already shown us that this new technology will be included in our lives by opening Metaverse stores and businesses holding meetings in Metaverse. Finally, the inclusion of Metaverse in the education processes of students on abstract subjects in the field of education indicates that a digital transformation will occur in education.




Expressed as an immutable token, NFT has a different application that distinguishes itself from cryptocurrencies, although it is a crypto currency at its core. This new technology, which reveals the concept of ownership in the digital world, is a data unit that confirms that a digital asset is unique and unchangeable in the digital world where all kinds of data are open to share by everyone. Preventing the copying of works in digital environments, NFT’s offering an unmediated environment where artists can exhibit their works and generate income has made it stand out especially in the field of digital art. Popular brands and famous artists also show great interest in NFT, although it is a new technology that has made a rapid entry into our lives recently, it is among the technologies that we will talk about more often in the future.


Augmented Reality


Developments in Augmented Reality technologies, along with the rise of e-commerce, enable users to experience different shopping experiences in online shopping. For example, while shopping for furniture, users can easily remove any question marks they have about the product by viewing how the furniture will look in their own homes while making purchases through applications. It is certain that this feature of augmented reality, which makes it possible to try products before buying and provides an interactive shopping experience with customers, will attract great attention in online shopping and will be included in all our online shopping.


Autonomous Vehicles


As technology develops rapidly, the increase in studies in the field of artificial intelligence and deep learning shows us a future in which autonomous vehicles will come to the fore. We can say that autonomous vehicles with environmental sensing capability and self-running have begun to reshape the automotive industry. While the autonomous driving efforts of automotive manufacturers continue, autonomous vehicles have also been actively used in cargo transportation. Although autonomous vehicles are currently among the luxury segment vehicles, it is possible that they will change our travel habits in the near future.

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