Discover Artificial Intelligence Software with Dijital Gen!

3 November 2023by dijitalgen0

Discover Artificial Intelligence Software with Dijital Gen!

Dijital Gen is a software company that develops products with artificial intelligence studies. With innovative software, it reaches the target with much faster and more reliable results. In addition, it offers long-term solutions with an innovative perspective to the software you need in the strategic determination made with your company. One of them is Artificial Intelligence supported software solutions.

Some of the Artificial Intelligence products offered by Dijital Gen are;

  • Object Recognition Projects
  • Deep Learning Projects
  • Follow-up and Suggestion Projects
  • Warning Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence System Integrations

What is Artificial Intelligence Software?

Artificial intelligence; It is a set of software and hardware systems with many abilities such as exhibiting human-like behaviors, numerical reasoning, movement, speech and sound perception. In other words, artificial intelligence; It makes computers think like humans.

When the question X is administered to the artificial intelligence, it chooses and presents the most rational one among the answers to the previously given or defined question X. For this reason, every time the question X comes, the artificial intelligence filters the answers to the question X and presents the most rational one. Artificial intelligence today does more than just question X example.

It would be wrong to consider artificial intelligence under a single heading. Concepts such as machine learning (Machine learning), Deep learning (Deep learning) are inclusive terms that make up artificial intelligence.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is algorithms that enable the machine to derive logical and rational results from the data provided. For example; An algorithm is written about the shopping receipt data of customers in a store. This algorithm; He informs that customers who buy chips also buy Coke. Based on this situation, chips shelves and coke cabinets are brought closer to each other and an increase in sales is observed. In another example, Grape will be introduced to the algorithm. To the algorithm; Features such as white, purple and round are defined. When asked about Grape and Banana to Machine learning, it decides which one is Grape by filtering the defined information and adopting the principle of rationality. In this example, we have covered machine learning in its simplest form. Machine learning offers us information that will push the limits of the mind in today’s technologies.

What is Deep Learning?

Deep learning and Machine learning are very similar structures. Deep learning works like neurons in our brain. Let’s reveal the concept of Deep learning with the example of grapes.

While we introduce the features of Grape in machine learning, it creates its own rules in deep learning; It can distinguish which is banana and which is grape by its own processes.

The best example of the algorithm’s self-learning, developing and presenting the information it has learned is Google Translate, one of Google’s products; Deep learning lies behind this service that translates more than 100 languages.

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